Setup Your Website

Our VMPlus Website Setup Options are Simply the Best!

From getting a website name, or Domain Name, to starting your web site hosting and setting up WordPress on your site, we will walk you through each step. Then combine our expert Setup with our other website services. VMPlus Setup – Part of our Three Step Website Process.

We Help You choose the Best Website Name

The domain name you choose is important – it helps you stand out in a crowd of millions. We will help with a name that is easily associated with your business and/or brand and is easy to type and remember. Although sticking with a `.com’ is usually best, there are other domain extensions that may work as good or better. Other important things we’ll help with are:

  • Using a keyword in the domain name.
  • Finding a domain name that us short and easy to spell and pronounce.
  • How to research a name and use a “Domain Name Generators” to help your decision.
  • Using the best registrar or where your domain name will be recorded and sent to your host.
  • And much more.

The right domain name for your website is important and will contribute much to your success online. We can help you make the best choice. Whether your site will be a blog, business information site, ecommerce site, forum or any other type of website we are here to help you.

We Help You Get the Best Website Hosting Plan

Your hosting service is an important part of having a successful website. You will want a plan that gives you the best Speed, Support, Security and Reliability. It should give you easy options to scale up your web hosting plan as your site gains more and more visitors.

Your Best Hosting Plan

There are several different types of hosting plans that are the most used. We at VMPlus will help you choose the best one for your needs. The four most common plans are:

Shared – This type is usually the cheapest form of hosting including WordPress hosting. You “share” server resources with other web sites on that server, which is how the prices are so low.

Cloud – A newer technology, cloud hosting has become a super popular way to host your site. Essentially, your site lives “on the cloud”, rather than a specific physical server. The upside is that it’s usually very easy to “scale” cloud hosting up and down depending on your site’s resource needs.

VPS – A Virtual Private Server gives you “virtual” portion of a server all to yourself. Only your website will use its resources. It’s kind of in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated – you get your own physical server all to yourself. You can do whatever you want with it, and fully customize it to your needs. Nowadays, cloud hosting probably makes more sense than dedicated hosting for many people.

The hosting plan we will help you choose will give you the best value for your dollar. Also we make sure to recommend the consistently fastest web hosts with the greatest reliability (up-time). Your website will provide visitors with an experience equal to any of the most popular sites on the web. We look at user reviews, site speed tests and number of satisfied customers of that web site host. That is our guarantee.

We Help You Setup WordPress on Your New Website

Setting up your new website with WordPress (or other popular systems) is quick and easy. And we will help you to make sure you have all you need to begin adding content to your site right away. We will make sure you have the needed plugins (added software which performs various functions) to make your site work the way you want. Plugins which provide for Ecommerce, Security, Performance as well as plugins that enhance photo galleries, forums, show videos and more.

Very important is the way your site looks. The layout, colors and patterns are setup with “Themes”. We will show you as many available Themes you wish until your website looks just the way you want. In short we will help you with everything needed to begin your new website. Trust VMPlus for affordable World Class Website Design and Development.

Below you can view parts 2 and 3 of our VMPlus Website Program:

Everything you will need to get your new website up and going!