That’s A Long Time In One Place

We have sold a lot of stuff for a long time on the Famous, or some may say the Infamous online platform, venue, website known as Ebay.

Why would anyone sell on ebay?

And we probably will sell on Ebay for quite a bit longer. Over the years we have talked with those that love the site, and those that to put it simply – don’t. By the way, we sell on many different ecommerce websites as well including our own.

However for those who have been selling on Ebay for years you do tend to develop a “love – hate relationship” with the site. You love the volume and the sales, you hate the dumb changes they are constantly making and the hoops you have to jump through for a sale. Ebay started out as they put it, ‘an online community where buyers and sellers meet’. And in the early days it was mostly an auction based ‘community’. Back then each sale was exciting. Now a sale can be great, or a mess making the profit on that sale disappear. The trick is keeping the ‘great’ and the ‘mess’ in proper proportion.

in·fa·mous [ in-fuh-muhs ] adjective: deserving of or causing an evil reputation; “…an infamous deed.”
convicted of an offense bringing infamy


The Long And The Short Of It

Did I say when it comes to ecommerce websites, Ebay is “Infamous”? Yes I did in fact that definition above has some truth to it. Yes they do have an “evil reputation” with a few buyers and sellers. Yes, now former Ebay executives have been convicted of an offense – A harassment plot against the owners of an online ecommerce news website. But when it all comes down to it, the decision is ours and ours alone whether to stay with Ebay or leave. And after 23 years nobody can say we haven’t tried.

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www.21yearsOnEbay.ouch (not really a real website)

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