Hope you enjoy this blog. It’s about our experiences in the world of ecommerce (my wife and I). Starting in 1999, the year the computers were going to go berserk and the world would end as we know it. Yes, there really were a few guys in my office where I was working at the time that were taking all there money out of the bank and stocking up on dried food and gallons and gallons of water!

Earlier that year however, my wife said she wanted to sell some things online and so, since I worked in the computer and communications industry, gave her some help. Soon she was set up with a top line PC and a digital internet connection – no noisy, pokey modem for her, I saw to it. And since I did not believe the internet and all of the computers in the world would melt or blow up or take over, I thought it was well worth it. And here today, a few decades later, we are are still at it – bigger than ever. Yea…

Some posts on this blog will be about what has been going on in our daily “Ecom Adventures”, some short stories about our ecom days past, and some tips about what works for us if you care to read it. Here are a couple sales from years ago, say 10 or 20…

Family Guy Thumb Drive – “Peter Griffin”

Family Guy thumb drive.

Vintage Locket Watch – Wind-up Movement.

Did I say it’s all been “Fun and Games”? Right… Did I say it’s been worth it? Sure… Just read our blog every chance you get and you can decide for yourself. That’s all for now.

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